Other famous last things with the same title…

Edmonton band, Famous Last Words, circa mid 1960s

Now I’m just saying…

This is not the first time that the title FAMOUS LAST WORDS has been used for an artistic work of some sort. It’s probably been used many, many times. I knew this was the case when I wrote the song and we knew this was the case when we named the album…and, well…we just didn’t care. It just felt so fitting for a band who has not put out a CD in six years (and then a further five years back to the CD previous to that). Is it a good idea? Will it be any good? Does anyone still care?

Here are few other pre-existing endeavours entitled: FAMOUS LAST WORDS:

1) The Edmonton band pictured above.

2) A Tears for Fears song.

3) A big selling single from My Chemical Romance.

4) A 2007 Film directed by Keith Jefferies

5) The title of episode 7 (Season 2) of ABC’s CASTLE.

Not to mention the names of records from Hedley, Al Stewart, and even Supertramp.

So there you have it. Just for the record.


Red Deer – Saint Patrick’s Day

Captain Tractor will be playing at the Hideout in Red Deer for Saint Patrick’s Day. 9PM.

Gearing Up for Live Shows

Captain Tractor will be playing around Alberta quite a bit in the next few months. March 17 and 18 the band will be playing in Red Deer and Calgary for the first time in two years (probably more for Red Deer). The Hideout seems to be a new venue in Red Deer that’s hosted some of our friends, The Chris Tabbert Regret and Low Flying Planes (among others). The Ironwood in Calgary has played host to our band, on the 10 Year Anniversary tour in 2003, but that was not at the new venue, the club having moved recently to the old Garry Theatre just a few blocks up the road in the beautiful Inglewood neighbourhood.

It’s looking like the official CD launch for FAMOUS LAST WORDS will be at the amazing Empress Theatre in our favourite Alberta town, Fort MacLeod! May 6 is the date. Plans to record the show are in the works as well. We will keep everyone posted. We’re hoping to book Edmonton and Calgary CD release shows soon. Keep watching.

If you’d like to keep in the loop, join our mailing list on our Reverbnation page: http://www.reverbnation.com/captaintractor. Or “like” us on Facebook.

See you all soon.

Famous Last Words

We have all been listening to the final mixes of the new Captain Tractor record, FAMOUS LAST WORDS, checking all the final mix notes. The record is sounding really great! Incredible that it has been nearly six years since NORTH OF THE YELLOWHEAD came out.

The new record was recorded at THE NORWOOD STUDIO in Edmonton, the studio owned and operated by myself and my partner, James Murdoch. We tracked the beds in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2009. It was engineered by myself and James Murdoch and produced by the two of us and much of the band including our newest member, Shannon Johnson. There was a real party atmosphere during the session where Christmas just kind of followed us out into the studio. Many of our kids were around, having a party of their own, getting in the way…in a good way. We consumed quite a lot of coffee and Baileys as it was extremely cold outside. The whole thing was such good fun. It reminded me of some of our earlier records where we really were having a great time in the studio and there was little or no pressure. There was something about capturing the “play” in the “playing”.

I can’t wait for everyone to hear this recording. It’s our best yet. Mixing was done by John Whynot (Blue Rodeo, Lucinda Williams, Dave Mathews) at his studio in Los Angeles and will be mastered in Toronto by Joao Carvalho on December 8.

Captain Tractor is on Reverbnation!


Captain Tractor @ NXNE (Toronto)

We spent June 7-10 at the NXNE festival in Toronto. We had a great time hanging out with our good friends (and label) at Six Shooter Records. We ate a lot of food with toothpicks in it and drank a sizable amount of free beer. Oh and we performed as well. It was our first time playing Toronto in 7 and a half years. Yikes.

Here are some stills from the Six Shooter BBQ and from other locations around Toronto.

3 Bucks American – Part 1 (Short Film)

Featuring Captain Tractor, The Mike Plume Band and various members of the Edmonton music community including Aimee Hill (formerly of Captain Tractor).

3 Bucks American – Part 2 (Short Film)

Featuring Captain Tractor, The Mike Plume Band and various members of the Edmonton music community including Aimee Hill (formerly of Captain Tractor).

Someday (Video)

Shot in Edmonton in the fall of 1997.

Here We Go Again (Video)

Shot at the South Country Fair and other locals around Ft. McLeod, Alberta, in July of 1997.