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New Video – Famous Last Words

Our new video for Famous Last Words is complete. Initially, Edmonton Artist Paul Freeman created the animation. Then we shot some footage in a darkened Norwood Studio, where the record was recorded. It’s our first video of this millennium. We’re shooting another video soon: 4 More 4 Da. Stay tuned.


Old Footage (Final Night of the Sidetrack)

Just found a tape of the band playing the final night at Edmonton’s legendary Sidetrack Cafe. I’ve posted this one song from the show but I will post more later. It’s grainy and crappy but you get the feel of the night which was full of great moments. The Sidetrack was a huge part of CT’s history and it was a huge honour to be asked to play this show. No offense to any other clubs in Edmonton but as every year passes since the old place closed down I miss the place more and more. “They paved Paradise and put up a…block of condos.”