The Official CT Blog

Hey Y’all. Welcome. Were going to be up to date now. We promise. Check here often for some really up to the minute information and ridiculous photos from Jonny’s cellphone.


6 responses to “The Official CT Blog

  • janice

    Hey, you guys should play a show in Brandon. I haven’t seen you since you played the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg in 1999(i think). Just a request, thanks.


  • Julie

    I have a lot of pics and a couple video clips from NYE Edmonton.

    I obviously am not sure how to get them to you. Please let me know.

    Thanks, and BTW the show was awesome, frigging cold but great!!!!


  • Leanne B

    You guys should come to Fort McMurray!

  • david michael gerle

    All right brothers it is time to rock out some Jesus and the Thieves. For real this time cause it is supposed to be fun. My cigarette just told me so. I got my wings back and you fuckers are beautiful. I have a home in the 306 and one in Cowtown. Are you ready for a good time cause I can’t fuckin stop. Addicted to the shindig and my bandmates are pregnant in guelph nursing in calgary no drum kit in calgary making too much money for nothing in romania and only the memory remains. But the music is playing on my time. What do you figure?

  • Giselle

    Nuts! I just found out that you were performing in Edmonton yesterday. I haven’t seen you perform since the 90’s (World Figure Skating Championships), and LOVED you! The 2 CD’s I bought that night have been played and played and played… Can I subscribe to an events calendar, so I know when you’re performing in or near Edmonton again? 🙂

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