Other famous last things with the same title…

Edmonton band, Famous Last Words, circa mid 1960s

Now I’m just saying…

This is not the first time that the title FAMOUS LAST WORDS has been used for an artistic work of some sort. It’s probably been used many, many times. I knew this was the case when I wrote the song and we knew this was the case when we named the album…and, well…we just didn’t care. It just felt so fitting for a band who has not put out a CD in six years (and then a further five years back to the CD previous to that). Is it a good idea? Will it be any good? Does anyone still care?

Here are few other pre-existing endeavours entitled: FAMOUS LAST WORDS:

1) The Edmonton band pictured above.

2) A Tears for Fears song.

3) A big selling single from My Chemical Romance.

4) A 2007 Film directed by Keith Jefferies

5) The title of episode 7 (Season 2) of ABC’s CASTLE.

Not to mention the names of records from Hedley, Al Stewart, and even Supertramp.

So there you have it. Just for the record.


One response to “Other famous last things with the same title…

  • Bahumat

    > Does anyone still care?

    Yes, we do. I’ll be honest; it has always boggled my mind that Captain Tractor never achieved the fame and acclaim I would have expected, especially for their quality of music. You guys just keep getting better and better; Chris Wynter’s songwriting is exciting and well polished.

    Big American Headliner kind of says it all, doesn’t it? Toiling in the trenches, bar to bar, but… you guys are *good*. I still keep hoping one day I’ll hear a song like Summer of Our Discontent on a soundtrack somewhere.

    Looking forward to the album. Really can’t wait.

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