Captain Tractor @ NXNE (Toronto)

We spent June 7-10 at the NXNE festival in Toronto. We had a great time hanging out with our good friends (and label) at Six Shooter Records. We ate a lot of food with toothpicks in it and drank a sizable amount of free beer. Oh and we performed as well. It was our first time playing Toronto in 7 and a half years. Yikes.

Here are some stills from the Six Shooter BBQ and from other locations around Toronto.


4 responses to “Captain Tractor @ NXNE (Toronto)

  • Bahumat

    Rock on! Here’s hoping the rest of Canada keeps up the demand!

  • marcus vinicius

    I am a great fan of you and I live in Brazil, taste very of the band and am owner of the only community of orkut… would very like to be able to go to a show of the Captain Tractor… or to be able to speak with one of you


    Sorry for the English…

  • Glitch

    Hey there guy! Looks like you all had a blast out east, who wouldn’t with free BEER!

    I see that you are playing Canada Day in Edmonton, sad to hear it as I would love to have seen yah all down here in Calgary!

    Be sure to come get us all recked-up down here soon.

    Just a Fan!

  • Greg. P. DeRespino

    Wow! That looks like a BLAST! But, ALL that way east and no one crossed the border to actually BE “The Big American Headliner”! Oh, Yeah! It’s all America, Eh!!!
    Hope you do get to the states sometime in the near future, Y’all be a HIT! So, keep it coming – play more than they pay and find a way to get to the Big Apple to gig for us in person!
    Cheers and Beers, =DeRo=
    ps: Thanks, again, to ‘Grid in Edmonton for the turn on to CT all those years ago – It’s NOT just Another Drinking Song!

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