Chris Wynters Clips

Clips of Chris and other CT members performing at various places around the globe. Originally this clip was found on Chris’ disc in the Hoserista Box Set.


2 responses to “Chris Wynters Clips

  • Tyler

    You guys rock. I remember getting trashed at the Blarney Stone in Regina when you guys used to play there. In fact I remember a night at the sweater guy’s place who ran the bar (sort of remember anyway).
    Glad there is still some form of the Tractor around.
    Good times.

  • Anon

    Hi There,

    I just wanted thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have really helped myself and my husband (and the dog) each day with dealing with my brain tumor and I just wanted to tell you that your CD “Captain Tractor” has helped so much each day with dealing with my brain tumor and gaining strength!!!!!!. Even on a really nasty day!! – you guys have helped me get to a happy state of mind!!!!!!!!! I have listened to your “Captain Tractor” many days and it seems to have really helped me a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I realize that you guys probably get exposed to a lot of crap to keep things going but my gut is truly telling me to tell you to continue to have fun:) with each song that is produced. It might sound strange but with typing this email, I have encountered so many spelling errors of my own(which is bizarre for me – I had to do a lot of unusual spelling error fixing!). I used to be a pressure vessel inspector for many happy years before I first collapsed into a full body seizure with all the stressful things life had to offer after awhile of being promoted into management!!. I do not wish to ramble on but I truly want to Thank You for the happy thoughts that are forwarded to other people with each song – THANKYOU!!!!

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